The Industry Standard for Oilfield Customer Satisfaction Intelligence

The EnergyPoint Research Online Portal allows users to understand in detail how major oilfield suppliers perform across 50+ attributes, categories, respondent types, regions and well types. Download a PDF brochure.

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Available by annual subscription, the portal allows users to generate, view, analyze and download via the web customized results from EnergyPoint’s independent surveys covering oilfield suppliers. It offers the only independent customer satisfaction data available on so many industry suppliers across multiple categories, relations and well types.


Online Portal Features


  • Customizable reports
  • Comprehensive data
  • Easy-to-use tables and charts
  • Revealing respondent comments
  • Quarterly ratings updates
  • Results from 20,000+ evaluations
  • 750,000+ data points
  • Segments by decision-making role, title or customer type


Insightful Metrics


Contents include 1-to-10 point ratings, scaled scores, top-to-bottom rankings, evaluation counts, category means and medians, high and low ratings, ratings consistency measurements, and respondent comments for 50+ product and service attributes, product and service categories, segment types, regions, well types and applications.


Custom Reports


The Online Portal allows survey results to be filtered and analyzed by supplier type, survey date, customer type, respondent title, and report type. It also allows advanced filtering based on both conditional and secondary criteria. In addition, subscribers can view respondents’ comments concerning specific suppliers alongside ratings and other respondent demographics, adding context to both. All data and reports can be viewed from a user’s computer screen or downloaded into Excel, PDF or other useful formats.