About Us

We believe what we do matters. The oil and gas industry spends over a half a trillion dollars a year on oilfield products and services. Consumers spend even greater amounts at the pump and burner tip. It’s a global business, one vital to the world’s economy. Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction intelligence that impacts success. Since 2003, we’ve delivered independent and insightful research regarding many of the industry’s leading suppliers. Through proven evaluation processes, we gather, analyze and publish our closely watched ratings in areas important to the industry and its stakeholders.

Doug Sheridan, Managing Director & Founder

Doug recognized the need to measure customer satisfaction in the oil and gas industry more than a decade ago. He founded EnergyPoint as an independent research firm dedicated to customer satisfaction and its impact on success. Today, the firm regularly surveys significant cross-sections of industry participants involved in the selection and utilization of oilfield products and services. The company also surveys consumers and end users of oil and gas products and services. Doug’s keen analysis and industry observations are derived from EnergyPoint’s database of 750,000+ data points detailing the customer satisfaction performance of many of the industry's most recognized names.

Our Process

Each year, EnergyPoint surveys oil and gas industry professionals and consumers of petroleum products and services around the globe to gather their opinions, perceptions and expectations concerning the products and services they purchase. The data collected via this process forms the basis for our company, product and service rankings and other industry-specific metrics used to gauge performance.

For top-ranked companies, EnergyPoint offers the Seal of Excellence™ and Customer Satisfaction Award™ program. These awards are based on responses from industry professionals who have utilized and depended upon the products and services rated in our surveys. Read more concerning our program and licensing policy.

Seal of Excellence

The prestigious EnergyPoint Research Seal of Excellence is the recognized symbol of customer satisfaction in the global oil and gas industry. Only an elite few companies earn the right to display this seal designating their premier position in the market. High-performing suppliers are essential to meeting the complex challenges of today’s global oil and gas marketplace. The Seal of Excellence is a proven way to identify companies whose customers recognize their ability to maintain high standards that impact customer satisfaction. It is also the distinctive mark on the EnergyPoint Customer Satisfaction Award, a physical testament to a company’s high performance in customer satisfaction.


EnergyPoint and its customer satisfaction data have been sourced by many leading business and industry media, including: Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Barron's; Sunday Times; Hart's E&P; Oil & Gas Journal; Oil and Gas Investor. Doug Sheridan is also a frequent speaker on the topic of customer satisfaction.


EnergyPoint maintains strict confidentiality and anonymity related to the data it collects and publishes. The names of survey respondents and their employers are not divulged in EnergyPoint’s various published reports or its subscription data.


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