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Surveys and analyses from EnergyPoint Research are often quoted in leading industry and business news media outlets. Doug Sheridan of EnergyPoint is a leading expert on the subject of customer satisfaction in the oil and gas industry.
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Links to EnergyPoint Research studies and insights in the news.

Article Title / Link Publication Date
Analysis Q&A: EnergyPoint Research Research & Markets 12-July-16
Which Fuel Retailers Are Tops With Consumers? CSP Daily News 15-July-16
QuikTrip Leads Gas Retailers in Customer Satisfaction Convenience Store News 14-July-16
Will General Electric's Oil and Gas Master Plan Go Up in Smoke The Motley Fool 6-Feb-16
U.S. Stripper Wells May Be in Peril Below $35 Per Barrel Platts McGraw Hill Financial 15-Dec-15
Doug Sheridan Named Oilpro 5 Star Member OilPro 1-Oct-15
Frac Sand Providers Blasted by Weak Oil The Deal 8-Sept-15
Schlumberger heats up Big Oil's tech war Fortune 8-Sept-15
Wisconsin Frac Sand Firms Stung By Falling Oil Prices The Capital Times 8-Jan-15
Good Times Run Out for Sand Producers The Wall Street Journal 1-Jan-15
Oil Price Drops: Don’t Panic, Really Fortune 8-Dec-14
Halliburton Agrees to Buy Baker Hughes The Wall Street Journal 18-Nov-14
Halliburton Turns Hostile on Baker Hughes The Wall Street Journal 14-Nov-14
Envelope Please: 4 of 5 Top Midstream Companies in Marcellus/Utica Marcellus Drilling News 8-Jul-14
Helmerich & Payne Flies Under Radar, Produces Results Tulsa World 11-Jun-14


Article Title / Link Publicat ion Date
Do You Know Why Jim Simons Drills for Oil & Gas? GuruFocus 7-Nov-13
M&A: Are They Customer Friends Or Foes? – Part 1 Hart's E&P Magazine 6-Nov-13
Energy-Services Firm Sees Chance for Renewal The Wall Street Journal 5-Nov-13

MarkWest CEO: Early Innings of American Energy Renaissance&
CNBC 23-May-13

A Lesson From Energy in Trickle-Down Economics
The Motley Fool 23-Mar-13

U.S. Oil Production Hits Highest Level in 20 Years, Projected to Increase an Additional 14% in 2013
OSIX News 22-Feb-13
EnergyPoint Research: Ensco Ranked No.1 Offshore Driller Offshore Energy Today 21-Feb-13

A Paradox Reveals an Important Trend in U.S. Oil Production
The Motley Fool 24-Jan-13
Halliburton’sRaceTto the Shale Includes Frac Of the Future FuelFix 21-Jan-13
A lot Fewer Oil and Natural Gas Rigs In Action In the US, But It Isn’t Showing Up In Production Numbers Platts: The Barrel 2-Jan-13
Cameron, Schlumberger Target Subsea Oil, Gas Recovery Hart's E&P Magazine 20-Nov-12
Schlumberger, Cameron In Subsea JV to Tap Deepsea Boom Reuters 15-Nov-12
Worldwide Shale Players Chase North American Expertise Hart's E&P Magazine 30-Oct-12
Nabors: Ready for Pay Dirt Barron"s 16-June-12
Cultural, Strategic Changes Brighten Outlook for Nabors Rigzone 24-May-12
Customer Satisfaction With Hydraulic Fracturing Services Diminishes Rigzone 24-Feb-12
Analysis: Underdog Weatherford Chases Oilfield Services Pack Reuters 7-July-11
Halliburton Emerges From Gulf Disaster Unscathed The Wall Street Journal 19-April-11
Oilfield Suppliers Need to Focus On Quality, Not Quantity Hart's E&P Magazine 24-Dec-10
Satisfaction Bar Is Set High AAPG Explorer 3-Dec-10
Demand-Driven Practices to Combat Today's Complexity and Risk In the Oil and Gas Industry (pdf) Gartner 17-Sep-10
Gulf Spill Shines Light On Industry's Shadowy Giant The London Times /
Sunday Times
Deepwater Drillers Face Labor Dilemma The Wall Street Journal 9-Aug-10
Customer Satisfaction Is More Critical Than Ever Hart's E&P Magazine 1-Aug-10
Offshore Drilling: Industry Rates Its Own Equipment Substandard The Christian Science Monitor 21-July-10
BOP, Wellhead Ratings Favor Surface-based Applications Rigzone 24-Jun-10
Subsea Equipment Ratings Lag Rigzone 23-Jun-10
Blowouts Will Not Always Be Prevented The Wall Street Journal 23‐Jun‐10
Rig Owner Had Rising Tally of Accidents The Wall Street Journal 10-May-10
Blast Jolts Oil World The Wall Street Journal 22-Apr-10
Further Oilfield Services Sector Consolidation Unlikely Petroleum Economist 1-Apr-10
Bundled Oil Services Trend No Guarantee of Success Reuters 23-Feb-10
Behind Schlumberger's Smith Deal: a Big Gas Bet The New York Times 22-Feb-10
Schlumberger, Smith to Merge Into Oilfield Services Giant Oil & Gas
Financial Journal
Schlumberger Sees Gas Drill Growth in Smith Deal Reuters 22-Feb-10
Big Oilfield Service Cos May Benefit from Exxon's XTO Buyout Dow Jones 18-Dec-09
Implications of ExxonMobil Purchase of XTO Hart's E&P Magazine 18-Dec-09
Sea Of Opportunity Houston Business Journal 7-Sep-09
Oilfield Services Firms' Merger May Bode Well for M&A Activity Houston Business Journal 4-Sep-09
Digging Deep for Drilling Technology The New York Times 31-Aug-09
Customer Satisfaction With Oilfield Services Oil & Gas Investor 27-Apr-09
Is Formation Evaluation Losing Its Luster? Hart's E&P Magazine 23-Apr-09
Energy Execs Have Low Hopes For Stimulus Bill Houston Business Journal 6-Mar-09
Falling Oil Prices Could Ignite Deal-Making The New York Times 24-Oct-08
Service and Supply Companies Undergo Performance Scrutiny Hart's E&P Magazine 19-Sep-08
Is FMC Technologies Heading For a Dive? Barron's 27-May-08
Place Your Bets: Buyout Team Or Big Red? The New York Times 23-May-08
Halliburton Finds Itself In Bidding War Houston Chronicle 23-May-08
Parker Unloads Venture after Attempt to Enter Saudi Arabia Market Houston Business Journal 25-Apr-08
Energy Sector Short On Customer Satisfaction Houston Business Journal 10-Mar-08
Analysts Point to Potential Merger Issues for NOV, Grant Prideco Houston Business Journal 21-Dec-07
High Energy Activity Hurts Customer Satisfaction in Oil Patch Survey Houston Business Journal 9-Nov-07
Keys to Good Service Oil & Gas Investor 1-Nov-07
Suppliers' Delivery Issues Oil & Gas Journal 1-Oct-07
Derrick Equipment, Smith International Stand Out in Survey Houston Business Journal 22-Aug-07
Are You Satisfied? Hart's E&P Magazine 1-Mar-07
Survey Shows Low Satisfaction Level for Oilfield Service Providers Houston Business Journal 13-Oct-06
Satisfying Customers Is Good Business Hart's E&P Magazine 1-Dec-05