Licensing & Promotion Policy


EnergyPoint Research maintains strict guidelines regarding the use of its company name, logo, seals and awards by companies rated in its surveys. Only the highest-rated companies in pre-defined categories may promote their standings in EnergyPoint’s surveys. In addition, any marketing or promotional claims related to a company’s standing in our surveys must be reviewed and approved by EnergyPoint.

Through our Seal of Excellence™ and Customer Satisfaction Award™ program, top-rated companies enter into licensing agreements in order to utilize for promotional and marketing purposes EnergyPoint Research's name, logo, study information, and/or seals and award (trophy) images. Under these agreements, EnergyPoint reviews and approves, in a timely manner, all promotional and marketing materials that reference its survey results or feature its name, logos and/or other corporate images.


Top-rated companies may issue press releases announcing their first-place standings in EnergyPoint Research’s surveys. We do require that such releases contain certain elements, including an accurate description of EnergyPoint and its survey processes, as well as a link back to our website.

Contact us for more information regarding our licensing and promotion policy, including assistance with press releases.