Seals & Awards Licensing


Each year, EnergyPoint Research independently surveys oil and gas industry professionals around the globe to gather their opinions, perceptions and expectations concerning the oilfield products and services they purchase and utilize. The data collected via this process forms the basis for EnergyPoint's company, product and service rankings and other industry-specific metrics used to gauge a company’s performance.


EnergyPoint offers the Seal of Excellence™ and Customer Satisfaction Award™ program to provide customers of oilfield suppliers with information on product and service quality, customer satisfaction and other metrics to assist them in making more informed purchasing decisions.


EnergyPoint’s seals and awards are based on responses from qualified oil and gas industry professionals who have utilized and depended upon the products and services rated in our surveys. The resulting industry-wide rankings and awards, which are distributed through press releases and summary reports, are in no way influenced by the opinions or perceptions of EnergyPoint. They simply reflect the opinions that purchasers, users and others who influence the purchase of these products and services voluntarily share with us.


Companies that rank highest in our studies, and have seals and awards associated with their name, enter into licensing agreements to utilize the EnergyPoint Research name, seals and award (trophy) icons for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. Under these agreements, EnergyPoint reviews and approves all advertisements and other promotions that feature its name, logos, images or study information. Use of the EnergyPoint name, as well as that of its logos, images, seals and trophy icons requires participation in the program and is governed by the program's formal agreements. The program is closely monitored by the firm, in part to ensure that information and representations made by licensees are accurate and not misleading to the market place. Contact EnergyPoint Research for more details concerning our licensing agreements and associated fees.


All ratings and rankings from the firm's surveys are based on measurements of customer satisfaction and quality by customers that are fully proprietary to EnergyPoint Research. Awards and rankings are based on numerical ratings, and not necessarily on statistical significance. Our experience suggests that in those cases when relatively small differences occur in the ratings of evaluated companies, such differences can help drive competition in the market place, thereby improving product and service quality along with increases in industry-wide customer satisfaction. Through the firm’s research and publicity of its research results, EnergyPoint seeks to continually serve as a catalyst for positive improvements across the oil and gas industry.


Please read the full disclaimer related to EnergyPoint's survey processes and results.