Distinctions of High Performance in the Global Energy Industry

High-performance is essential to meeting the complex challenges of today's global energy industry. For more than 15 years, EnergyPoint Research has conducted unbiased research and provided unmatched market intelligence regarding the performance of key providers to a range of energy-industry categories and segments.
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Seal of Excellence













     The prestigious EnergyPoint Research Seal of Excellence™ is the recognized symbol of customer satisfaction in the global energy industry. Only the highest-rated companies have earned the right to display this emblem designating their premier position in the marketplace.
     The Seal of Excellence is a licensed program through which top-rated companies can communicate their commitment to customer satisfaction, one that is confirmed by EnergyPoint's objective and independent research studies. Winners can license the Seal of Excellence for each category in which a first-place rating is achieved.
     The customized seal can be used in marketing and communications materials, websites, trade show booths, advertising, shareholder reports, business development presentations and more. The seal signifies that EnergyPoint has independently rated the company #1 in a category based on surveys that included responses from thousands of industry users, buyers, decision-makers and influencers. It is truly the ultimate customer testimonial!
     As part of the program, EnergyPoint provides high-resolution digital artwork for each seal customized with the winning company’s name and first-place category rating. Color and specifications for reproduction are also provided to assure excellent quality. The license to use a seal is typically valid for a minimum of 12 months, or until a successor survey is published by EnergyPoint.