Research Products & Services

We conduct surveys in
five industry segments
and provide compre-
hensive data and
ratings on customer
satisfaction through
our Online Portal.

  • Offshore Drillers
  • Land Drillers
  • Oilfield Products
  • Oilfield Services
  • Midstream Services

Total Customer Satisfaction Winners
Congratulations to these five companies that ranked the highest
in total customer satisfaction in our specific industry surveys.

  • Ensco   |   Offshore Drillers
  • Helmerich & Payne   |   Land Drillers
  • VALLOUREC   |   Oilfield Products
  • Newpark Resources   |   Oilfield Services
  • Markwest energy   |   Midstream services
  • MarketPartners®

    Read about our proven process for
    conducting quarterly surveys of a
    significant cross-section of qualified
    persons involved in the selection and use
    of oilfield products and services.

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  • Speaking Availability

    Interested in knowing more about our
    Customer Satisfaction Index and the
    impact of satisfaction on financial

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