Customer Satisfaction Seal

Licensing & Promotion Policy

Top‑rated companies in EnergyPoint Research’s (EnergyPoint) surveys must enter into licensing agreements with EnergyPoint in order to utilize EnergyPoint’s company name, logo, survey results, seals, awards and other images and assets for promotional or other purposes.

Through EnergyPoint’s Seal of Excellence™ and Customer Satisfaction Award™ licensing program, EnergyPoint reviews and approves, in a timely manner, top‑rated rated companies’ promotional and marketing media that reference EnergyPoint’s survey results or feature its company name, logos or other corporate images or assets.

Top-rated companies may also issue press releases announcing their top ratings in EnergyPoint’s surveys. Qualifying press releases must be well‑crafted, include an accurate description of EnergyPoint and its survey processes, and contain a link back to the home page or press release page of EnergyPoint’s website.

Contact us for more information regarding EnergyPoint’s licensing and promotion policy and press release assistance program.